Monday, April 16, 2007

Greetings from Panama - by David

Hey Geert,

I hope all is well and the staysail can be repaired. I wish we had Danker on board with us the whole time! Anyway lifes a party here and everyone is in Panama. I saw Gregoir and Morgan the french couple we met in Haiti, of course Barry and Chris are here as well. In addition we have met some amazing people that you would have really liked. Most interesting perhaps is the 27 year-old Hundarian named Aaron. He is sailing alone around the world in his 19 foor sailboat. You would have loved talking to this guy who by the way has a beard that goes pretty much down to his chest. He was so funny when Nathan Maggie and I had him over for dinner. We asked him if he believed in God and he replied ¨Of course!! My boat is very small and I need all the help I can get!

Anyway there was a huge backlog for sailboats going through the canal so we got to meet a lot of cool boats and as it is with cruisers, exchanged cards and made plans to see each other down in the galapagos. We finaly got through the canal last monday and it was just about all it was cracked up to be. Unbelievable how much work went into that canal and how many people died. Also i forgot to mention that while we were waiting to transit we decided against the San Blas as the weather was pretty bad and instead went up inland towards Costa Rica and spend 5 days hiking the mountains and volcanos of western Panama.

We are off tomorrow morning and are having a farewell dinner with Barry and Chris and their two friends who came to join them. They are leaving tomorrow as well but I think the Swan 60 will outpace us. (Even though as Nathan says, Barry´s sailing strategy is to put the Raymarine on, turn on the radar alarm and go to sleep. When you hear the turtles on the beach your there mate)!!

Ok well just thought id check in with you and Danker to make sure Sea Scout is still in one piece. Safe sailing Geert and reef early! Take it easy and watch out for those Floridians, they are a nasty bunch.