Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cuban pictures (II and last) by Dick

Cubans are by nature very friendly and open minded. I enjoyed them, their meals, their way of trying to make the best of it.
Compared to Haiti Cuba is very clean. One reason is that Cubans do not have anything to spill. Another is the regime. It is everywhere.
Sometimes this regime looks funny (where in the world can you find oil tanks with the text: 'For my country I will die' or billboards especially made for Americans within the 'special interest section' of the USA at the Malecon in Havana?). Then it's intimidating: when soldiers guard embarking ships with their guns loaded.
And the black flags? Their original goal is to 'cover' an LED-screen with newsflashes 'from the free world' on the one and only American office in Havana. But the sign below it says it is to honour the victims of a battle with the Americans in 1868...
Cuba is however changing. In Havana western luxury is more visible than five years ago. But it still is a very thin 'varnish'.

May be this is what I like about it: the crew of Sea Scout did not always understand my sense of humor. The 'Dick joke' became a household word. Do you understand the humor of 'Fidel, 80 years more'? I do.