Wednesday, April 04, 2007

At last: images from Haiti

It took quite some time to make a selection from the more than 1.250 photos I did not skip from the memory card of my camera. But I'm confident that these images will give you an idea of what we (Geert, David and I) have tried to describe during February and March.

Back home in Holland it is cold (only 5 - 15 degr. Celsius) and busy. However, I already had the chance to make professional use of: 'What is the problem?' and then: 'Is it a problem?'
And I am sure all the stories I've heard and all the images that I have (the ones in my head are even more beautiful than these) will help carry me through Dutch spring into the summer.

It will take a few more weeks to go through all the notes I made and to be able to 'conclude' what these almost seven weeks on Sea Scout means for me.
For now it may be enough to say I am available for the next expedition.

First I publish the Haiti pictures. I wanted to show you the colourful life, the mess, the special atmosphere of 'Kanaval' in Jacmel as well as the paradise like atmosphere at Ile a Vache.
Enjoy and never stop asking.