Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ile a Vache

On Ile a Vache (pop. 15.000) the highway is a footpath. The only traffic are pedestrians (and as rumour goes drug traffickers). We spent app. 10 days there. Geert found lots of plots for new books and we went sailing twice with local fisherman in their handmade, but very fast sailing boats. Gratien (see picture at end) was not only a fisherman but also a pastor... He named his vessel Ebenezer (= Kreol for Eben Haezer (1 Samuel 7:12). The stone of help or 'This is where the Lord brought us'.)
I was also very impressed by the work of Soeur Flora and the mailman from Quebec. She led the orphanage in Madame Bernard (the main village) for more than 25 years and he helps her six months a year by providing the most handicapped children a bath in the sea. The pedal boat you see is the orphanages washing machine (there is no electricity).