Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pictures from Cuba (I)

I split the Cuban selection in two: 'pictures made at sea' and those 'made on the land'.
The nice thing about being at sea is that what you see is constantly changing: the light, the colours, the waves (or no waves at all), sometimes there are clouds, at night you can see the moon and the stars (& planets). Anything is always or seems moving.
Sometimes you see other life, mainly animal life: birds, dolphins, we caught and ate a barracuda, bought and ate lobster and a red snapper from fishermen.
During my seven weeks in total we spotted five commercial vessels, about fifteen fishing boats and a few yachts. Ideal circumstances to train my 'sitting to sit'. I am very good at that now.
It's harder to make photos of what I just described. And when you realise the most important thing about navigation is that you constantly look for things you cannot see...
I tried however to give you an idea.
And, when David will be back on the log the contest for 'the best sunset' will open officially.