Monday, April 30, 2007


Hey guys,
Day before yesterday I was on my way with three girls (Misa,Petra and Martina)to Cape Hatteras area in North Carolina.We had really nice trip around the eastest most point in US.We travel acrooss two islands on ferry.At the evening we got to small town called Morehead city .I met there my new friend Geert from Holland.He is sailing guy and he has been on trip for couple of month from Cuba.He has lot of interesting story from his sailing trip he had shared with me.Today we sail from Morehead city to Oriental.We saw dolphines on our way.He let me ride his 30 feet long boath all the way to Oriental.It was exciting to ride boat by your self.In Oriental we pick up another crew membrer Bob from Baltimore.Tommorow we will sail all day to Belhaven(NC)
I forget to mention that Geert's culinary galley(food skills) are great.Today we had mexican specialty.
Michal Michlo