Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Barracuda alley - by Geert

Yesterday we sailed from Fajardo, where Eugene came on board, to La Parguera on the South coast of Puerto Rico. On the way, in the Pasaje de Vieques, we caught two large barracuda's (1.2 metre and 90 cm) within half an hour of each other. Unfortunately, these very tasty fish are also poisonous, so we put them back, and stopped fishing for a while. Outside the Pasaje we tried again, and had a massive strike. David fought heroically, but the beast, whatever it was, was stronger than he, broke the wire leader, and got away.

La Parguera is a beautiful lagoon dotted with coral reefs and mangrove islands. We plan to sail on tonight, towards Isla de Mona between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This isolated island had its very own evolutionary history, and is known as the Galapagos of the Caribbean.

Last fall, before I sailed, the editor of a sailing magazine asked me for stories about the trip. What kind, I asked. I don't care, he said, as long as they are written 'from the cockpit.' The reader must feel the experience, the tension, and the doubts.
I have not written anything for him yet. I've had plenty experience so far, but no doubt that cruising the Caribbean in a small sailboat is the right thing to do.