Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sea Scout sails again - from Bermuda to Jost Van Dyke in 8 days

Sea Scout left Bermuda on November 25 with Astrid, Jennifer and Geert on board, heading south to the British Virgin Islands. With over 800 nm to go, they should get there in 10-12 days, if the winds are favorable.

On November 28 at 5 pm EST Sea Scout was at 26 degrees 10'N and 62 degrees 35'W, half-way between Bermuda and the Virgin Islands, where they should arrive in about 5 days. The winds were strong but favorable; without the Navik self-steering vane, keeping Sea Scout on course had the crew working hard. They caught and ate a mahi-mahi!

UPDATE: On December 2 afternoon, Sea Scout reached Jost Van Dyke (the "barefoot island") in the British Virgin Islands. Jennifer, Astrid, and Geert are glad to be on land again!