Saturday, December 09, 2006

Life on the beach - by Geert

I sailed the boat to Salomon Bay on the North-west side of St. John. I am now moored next to a long white sandy beach. The anchorage is exposed to the west, but that's a treat, not a problem. The winds are always easterly, and I now have a great view of the windward passage to Tortola, Jost van Dyke in the distance, and the sunset over St. Thomas.

The beach is part of the Virgin Islands National Park. During the day there are some other people here, but at the best times (early morning and sunset) I have the place to myself. I collected some driftwood and made a writing desk. Under a palm tree, naturally. I try to do things in style. On the coral reef fringing the beach I have so far discovered two barracuda (small)and a beautiful ray (big).

There is a slow, very gentle swell in the anchorage. It puts you to sleep the moment you lie down. This afternoon I cranked up the old Realistic world band radio, and listened to the live broadcast from the Met in New York (Mozart's Idonmeneo.)