Thursday, November 16, 2006

Storm damage - by Geert

The storm tore the cover of the anchor locker off the foredeck. We clamped on a piece of plywood to keep the water out and the anchors in. A Bermuda carpenter is now making a new cover out of teak.
The gooseneck fitting at the mast was bent out of shape, and the boom came flying off. We managed to get it on deck, and made a new fitting.
The most serious damage is to the self steering vane. The entire underwwater section broke off. This can not be easily and quickly repaired. We'll have to hand steer the boat to the Virgin Islands. With three people this is quite possible. We steered the last three hundred miles to Bermuda as well.

Bermuda is loveley, sunny, warm and breezy. We cleaned and dried out everything on the boat and Astrid made a new inventory of food supplies (plenty). Today she and Jennifer went Scuba diving in Somerset Parish.