Sunday, October 29, 2006

New York - by Astrid

As there is still some time left before our departure to Bermuda I decided to see more of the States and took the Chinatown Bus from Washington to Chinatown New York. After about four hours I arrived in the middle of China, for only 35 $ for the roundtrip ticket. Exploring Chinatown was exciting, it reminded me of my journey to China quite a few years ago. Chinese signs, Chinese tastes, ... and I couldn't understand a word as everyone was speaking Chinese! As I had plenty of time I decided to do a long walk enjoying the very different neighbourhoods of the Big Apple, street theater, musicians, artists, the lively Times Square, ... . Passing through Central Park, a beautiful place in the middle of the crowded city, I finally arrived at the youth hostel at 103rd street. A long, but exciting walk. As it's a must to experience New York at night I went back to the resevoir in the park to take some pictures of the skyscrapers, reflecting in the water. Passing the colorful Times Square again, I arrived at the Empire State Building, where I wanted to go to the top to enjoy a view over the illuminated city. The weather foiled my plans, it started raining heavily and the top was mostly hidden behind fog. The day after the Statue of Liberty was waiting for me, passing with the Staten Islands Ferry. Looking at it you can somehow imagine how people might have felt when they first arrived after a long and hazardous journey from Europe a long time ago. Visiting the World Trade Center - the rest of it, just a big hole - sadly reminds of 9.11. Pictures drawn by children who lost their parents, photos of day zero, ... - a very impressive place.