Sunday, October 22, 2006

Arrival in Washington - by Astrid

I arrived in Washington the day before yesterday, just five days after arriving from Italy where I was guiding hiking tours on the south Italian volcanoes - a big difference! Geert and Olina picked me up at the airport, great people! One of the first things we did the next day was visiting our future home Sea Scout, a fantastic little boat, small and equipped with everything necessary, I saw it and liked it. Today we did a shopping tour to get food four about half a year - and bought an Emergency Food Box with more than 200 servings - an interesting experiment. We discovered that you can use it for emergencies, probably for emergencies only, ... fortunately we got loads of other stuff as well. I spent the afternoon discovering Washington, at least some parts of it like the fantastic Museum of Natural History, the Washington Monument with its fantastic view, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and the White House. Washington is a great city, even much more interesting than I expected - parks and a lot of "green" everywhere and the museums are free!