Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's a small world! - by Astrid

People keep asking me: "How did you get to know Geert?"
Well, it's quite a funny story how an Austrian gets to know a Dutch living in the United States.

The story starts in the year 2002, in the far north, above the Arctic Circle: I was working as a trekking guide in Greenland, guiding camping tours in the area between Kangerlussuaq and Disko Bay. On a warm sunny August evening my group and me were sitting at the beach in the black sand of Disko Island, enjoying whiskey on the rocks (with a thousands years old iceberg ice) and mousse au chocolat, watching the icebergs drifting by. But there were not only icebergs, there was something else in between them. I grabbed the binocular and discovered a small sailing boat! Looking closer I could figure out its name: "Sea Scout". I was staring at it with an open mouth, my guests were laughing at me "What's up with you?". I had never seen a sailing boat in Greenland before and I was fascinated to see such a small one, even made of glass fiber. ... then it disappeared and I almost forgot about it.

This happened in 2002. A couple of years later the travel agency I work for asked me for pictures from Eqip Sermia, a wonderful glacier in Disko Bay where the inland ice calves into the sea. As I had no photos that were interesting enough for an advertising brochure, I searched in the internet for some ideas, just entering "Eqi" to google. Not many pictures appeared, but there was one showing a sailing boat - I recognized it as there are not many people sailing in Greenland, and if they are, their boats are much bigger. I followed the link, came to Geerts web side and asked him in an e-mail if he was the one passing Disko Island with a small sailing boat in July or August 2002 - an he was the one! Since then we stayed in e-mail contact and he asked me if I would me interested to come along on one of his next trips. Here I am!