Wednesday, May 02, 2007

great trip

It's wendsday evening and we launch at Elizabet city port.After 13 hours riding a boat we are happy to be on ground.Yesterday we swimm in Pamlico and Pungo river after all sunny day.I would say coffe river it has such a color like cuban coffe Geert serving us every day at morning.
Riding a sailing boat is one of the things I like so much except one spot.I have to wake up so early :-)

Nazdar ,
Vsetci co sledujete moju vypravu na plachetnici odkazujem ze sa mam dobre .Plavime sa zo severnej Karoliny do Anapolisu.Sme 3 na lodi.Kapitan(holandan) sa plavi z Kuby a je na pol rocnej vyprave smerom do Washingtonu.Na ceste nam obcas robia spolocnost delfiny.
Predpokladany prijazd je asi az na buduci tyzden.
Michal michlo