Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cuba! ' by David

There will be a longer and more informative post in time but for now I would just like to inform everyone...including those folks at the NSA that we are in Cuba! It was a long motor across the Windward passage, or as I have come to call it the Windless passage but we finally got into Santiago de Cuba at 7am on Tuesday Feb. 27th.
Our welcome into Santiago was a pleasant surprise especially against the backdrop of Santo Domingo. Everyone was extraordinarliy friendly and have been helpful during our short stay.
I finally got rid of the beard that had taken over my face and this afternoon found a nice Cuban barber to trim me up. What an experience! I got a straight edged shave lying back and listening to Patsy Cline´s, ¨Crazy¨. It was marvelous and it felt good to be rid of the itchy growth that dominated my chin!
Our plans for the next month are as follows

We will leave Santiago tomorrow morning and get into Casilda-Trinidad on March 7th.
We hope to leave Trinidad and Casilda on March 11th and sail to Cayo Largo getting in on the 12th.

From Cayo Largo we will sail to Isla Juventud and the town of Nueva Gerona gettingo in to N Gerona on March 20th.
We will depart N Gerona on the 22nd of March and sail towards Marina Hemmingway getting in there on the 27th of March.

Mary, it is probably easiest for you to fly to Cayo Largo and sail the stretch from Cayo Largo to Nuevo Gerona, called by many the most beautiul cruising stretch in all of Cuba. You can then take a ferry from Nuevo Gerona to the mainland to get back to Habana.

It will probably be easiest if you met up with the boat at Marina Hemmingway on or about the 27th of March. Dick, Geert and i will sail the boat around the Cape and up the western coast and meet you at Marina Hemmingway there.

While we have only begun our adventure in Cuba it seems as if a month is not nearly enough to explore this amazing place. I hope to provide more substantial updates and accounts of our travels here. To all of you in the world I hope you stay warm and pleasant. Take it easy...